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10 August 2011

Post Of Shame

Every blogger who dares to be M.I.A for more than 2 weeks writes a post of shame. Not only for apologizing for not feeding his/her readers with regular fashion news but also for not telling what he/she's up to ! That's why people read blogs right? So, my turn i guess *Guiltyface*

I have a billion excuses for not posting, some more positive and acceptable than others. For example, I have been working on some amazing projects with my  fellow bloggers that will be shown soon! Since that is all still a secret, I won't spill a word... Okay well maybe a few then. Keep an eye open on the (french) belgian blogs, because they will soon show you what it's all about !

Leaving the secrets for what they are, guess who's bin named editor? Yes indeed, yours truly got herself this great place at The Fashion Week Coffee ( link right HERE )   I met the Editor-In-Chief on Twitter a month and a half ago, we talked, we talked, he proposed, I said yes ! So because of all the writing I did for them, I had nearly no time to write here :( But anyway will do my absolute best to keep BOTH up to date ! You can find the latest Fashion Week news there, together with some amazing  street style posts and regular "History" posts ( always wanted to  know the history of Vogue and Fashion Week? Whatcha waitin' for?! GO ! ) And not to mention Style Analysises on both French and Belgian street styles.

Some exiting person I met lately, Maxime Edward ! Young up-and-coming designer from Brussels with tons and tons of life energy who until now didn't stop to amaze me with his sparkling personality and fun designs! The 28th of September he will do a fashion show in Li├Ęge, so you can expect a full report. A name to remember !

One of his designs on the QUI DIT MIEUX fashion show
 While Forever 21 got Belgium buzzing about it's opening in Rue Neuve, Brussels, H&M had a Style Advice Session. Although I fell immediately in LOVE with F21, I decided to be the loyal client and sign up for it, just to see what they could have possibly dared  to organise on the same day  as the F21 opening. So I went, I saw, and I noted. Post coming up, Cuz'  I got some stuff to say ! 

So you can expect some serious opinion pieces, reviews, outfitposts and many many more !

Hate Less and Love More,