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21 November 2012

I went to seek a great perhaps

Hello Beautiful people! As I promised, I'm semi-back to throwing my thoughts on the internet, while strategically ignoring the pile of other things I need to do instead of blogging. Anyways.

Unfortunately my days of hopping around piles of designer clothes and nights of watching cats do funny things on the internet are over. I must say I felt quite important telling that girl from Chanel press office that I really really REALLY needed that bag in two days and that ewmahGAWD her hair did indeed look fab - I turned into that student that walks around campus in a baggy sweater and boots. No regrets whatsoever. Did I mention that I'm in Spain?

I guess that it is quite appropriate to mention on here -ahum 3 months after the actual facts- that I moved. I would love to explain, but I don't really know how I went from lamenting my life in my room in Belgium to living in the country of Siesta and Matadors, but here I am. I did it, the big move-away-from-your-comfort zone, the big adventure, whatever you want to call it. Life grabbed me by the neck and smashed me here, so I decided to make the best out of it.

Besides that nobody just packs their stuff and just moves, it felt quite normal. A new start, a new, awkward adventure... I mean I would have taken anything I could get to move away from Belgium.

I got a lot of weird emails (WHY U NO BLOGGIN GuRL... Really Sarah?) and even though there is a perfectly good explanation for that, I don't want to bring up any excuses anymore. The truth is, I've been feeling a bit eww about blogging and the blogosphere all together. Even though I love ranting on how YSL threw away their legacy by changing their epic logo AND name and I could go on and on about what I wear everyday, it seemed, erm, boring and superficial. So that and the fact that I now mostly wear potatosacks.

There was a point in my life where I had to make a choice: continue with styling and things fashion-related, or dedicate my time to university and get an education. It was hard, that for sure. Mostly because finding something in life that you love doing so much that you don’t see time passing, that you can work 14 hours a day and still have the oumph to do it again the next day... It’s hard. I just loved what I did. That and ew, school.
But in contrast, I know there is more to me than fangirling over a piece of fabric and I know that brainless living will make me scratch out my eyes out of frustration. If I hear one more person say that E.E. Cummings is "eh, probably some kind of that's-what-she-said-joke" I will probably smash my head against a wall and kill myself. I had my doubts on fashion and the industry that came with it . I needed some time offline and some intellectual conversation, enjoy the weather and the, ahum, scenery here.

Does this count as proof that I'm really in Spain? I mean.

Anyways people. I'm kind of sorta back. And I missed all of you. Here is a picture of my face of sorry to show that I really mean it.

Bon.  I'm going back to my bed and be sick. In the mean time, say hi to LuLu aka the cutest puppy ever: