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04 December 2012

David Giampiccolo's "Black Summer"

Really guys, do I need to explain this? When a collection has that boom-shaka-laka going on you don't ask questions. you sit back and appreciate. And buy. Say hellur to the dude that will make me wear sweaters and black mid summer.

Besides the fact that this collection  sold out faster than the Birkin Bag, his success is measurable in every single other way. From Elle featuring him on their website to his L.A. African Fashion Week debut, he is not letting anybody look over him. I don't know why, but him giving me an excuse to wear black in the summer means more to me than I'm willing to admit.
Honestly, I'm so proud of the things he is achieving, ever since the Qui Dit Mieux Fashion Show and his America America collection, you can see that he is on his way to greatness. Don't you just love that urban goth-vibe?

You can purchase his clothing and other fab-ass stuff online at Kakkoiiiro (The Happy Store)