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28 December 2012

5 Epic Fashion Shortfilms

This is relevant because I study Communication and I have a flair for the dramatic. And because I'm mad that the Gossip Girl ending sucks.

1. Roberto Cavalli -  Perfume, the film

The tiger allegory, the mystery, the plain epicness and did I mention tiger presence? I think I have a major Cavalli-crush since their resort 2013 collection... Possibly falling in love, too.

2. Dior -  J'adore

Her attitude, the mix of the classic icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, and how they captured that fashionshow-atmosphere that I love so much make this one of my favorite ads out there. Awesomesauce.

3. Cartier - "L'Odyssée"

Being one of the most perfect, detailed and most enchanting video's out there, this piece of pure finesse and class make me just want to rob the Cartier store. Just for the record, I am not admitting any potential crime here, just in case.

4. Valentino - Valentina

I love how she just walks away from what was probably her own party. That, and Freya is just absolutely adorable.

 5. Yves Saint Laurent - Jazz

YSL holds a special place in my heart, and this 1986 video just confirms why. See for yourself!

Any genius contributions are absolutely welcome. Happy Holidays!