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16 January 2013

L'union des couleurs fait la force: Valentino

For the pre-fall collections, creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Picciolli took a purified look on their Valentina of the fall. Imposing pure lines and unfussed elegance, they provided a line of strong pieces, overwhelming by their (lack of) color, invoking a sense of unprecedented luxury. 

Strong, yet feminine pieces marked this collection, together with large coats and patent leather. Remarkably, all silhouettes seemed to be in one colour, ranging from the deepest black to the all-white pieces and rich reds. I personally find the complex simplicity quite refreshing. It demonstrates an elegant effortless-chique, while still making a silent statement of gorgeous proportions. 

Undisputed favorites were these two dresses. While they look quite similar at first sight, upon a closer look the details uncover a whole other meaning to the two pieces. While the red dress uncovers an intense passionate appearance, to be worn with either cute flats or sexy stiletto's, the mysteriousness of the black dress calls for combat boots and a massive attitude.